Let's start with who we're not, which is two guys with life long dreams of going into the undergarment business. Neither of us grew up as a child prodigy sewing together underwear in our rooms at age 6 or had any sort of affinity for skivvies at all.

So who are we? We're just regular dudes. And like any other dude, we have been guilty of extending the life of our boxers months, even years past what should be socially acceptable. We also know that underwear shopping has a variety of potential hazards: encountering a smokin' cashier who you will lose any shot with if she sees that your underwear look like they came from the children's section. (Superhero tighties? Come on bro.) Or going to the wall of undies and trying to decide if that "free 4th pair" is worth the 6 months of discomfort that will ensue.

Underwear shopping is simply something you don't put on the calendar. Hiney solves all of the issues with keeping you and your top drawer fresh. We eliminate that futile search for the perfect pair of briefs at your local supermarket and we send you a fresh pair of chonies that you forgot you even needed. 

Bottom Line? We're just a couple of dudes trying to cover your ass.